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How to choose headphones for your smartphone

How to choose headphones for your smartphone

A headset for a mobile phone allows you to listen to music or the interlocutor without disturbing the people around you. Also, with the help of simple headphones, you can '' separate '' from the external, noisy environment, if it is required by work, sports exercises or something else. Manufacturers of digital technology and accessories to them offer a huge selection of headphones for your phone. All of them differ among themselves not only in technical characteristics, but also in shape, design, size and weight, price, respectively. The buyer is lost in the wide range of headphones. Therefore, the team of the MFIX online store has prepared instructions on how to choose the right headphones for a smartphone. And how to quickly choose a headset in our online store?

Most importantly: what exactly are the right headphones for your phone for?

Today, headset manufacturers are trying to make headphones that are best suited for use in certain conditions:

  • For home or office. It is not as noisy here as it is outside, although the environment is not always quiet and calm. To enjoy music, a movie or a game in a comfortable environment, to concentrate on the work task, in principle, any high-quality headphones are suitable. But of course, the classic closed headphones with a headband and soft ear pads have proven themselves best.
  • For urban conditions. Headphones for the city need to be chosen very carefully. They should cut off unnecessary external noise, but not completely. There is heavy car traffic in the city, so you can't completely limit your hearing from the bustle of the city. Most people prefer miniature headphones for the phone that fit in the auricle. Although music lovers are in full use and full-length closed headphones.
  • For sports activities. Here, the most important indicators are the low weight of the headphones for a smartphone, their secure fit on the head or in the auricles. It is also not recommended to use a headset that completely blocks out hearing from external sounds, be it city streets or a fitness club hall.

What types of headphones for phones are the most popular today

Headphone headsets are very different in size, weight and dimensions. But all of them can be clearly divided into 3 main types:

  • Classic closed-back headphones with ear cushions. Especially appreciated by music lovers and avid gamers. Just perfect for home environments where the user is as comfortable and safe as possible.
  • Miniature in-ear headphones. This is a smartphone headphone without ear cushions. The speakers fit directly into the auricle. They do not completely block out the external sound, but they often fall out, which is very annoying during active physical activity.
  • Miniature vacuum headphones. The same small smartphone headphones as the earbuds. But they are not placed in the auricle, but directly in the ear canal. They completely overlap external sounds, which is not always safe in urban environments or on the road. There is also concern about the negative effects of vacuum headsets on the user's hearing. But here it all depends on the quality of the headset, the sound volume level and the frequency of using the headphones.

Decide on the type of headphone-to-phone connection

Everything is simple here, a headset for a smartphone can be:

  • Wired. The most common type of connection. Headphones are connected to a 3.5 mm jack, which is installed on PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets. If the connector is not used carefully, it may come loose. Also, headphones often simply fall out of it while driving. However, such a connector on wired headphones will be used for a long time. Until it is completely replaced by the universal USB Type-C connector. This new USB standard allows for more than just sharing information and charging a gadget. With its help, you can now listen to music in very high quality.
  • Wireless. Headphones are connected to a mobile phone via a Bluetooth module. These wireless earbuds are especially popular among avid music lovers who cannot imagine themselves without music even in the city. The only thing to consider when using such a headset is the relatively high power consumption due to the included Bluetooth. A smartphone with a large battery or a power bank is required to charge the phone.

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