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How to choose the right smartwatch

How to choose the right smartwatch

A smart watch is a compact electronic gadget that is worn on the wrist like a regular watch. The emergence of `` smart '' watches is a natural development of the trend towards miniaturization of digital technology. After desktops, laptops came along. Further, laptops pushed aside tablet devices. Then ultra-thin smartphones burst into our lives, not inferior in power to PCs and tablets. Now a smart watch has appeared, by which you can not only watch the time, but also make calls, read messages, collect and analyze important data about the carrier. There are many models of this gadget from different manufacturers. They all have their own `` chips '', features of use, differences in functionality. How to choose the right smart watch in an online store? What should you pay attention to first of all?

Choosing a smartwatch: the most important features

While smartwatches were expensive for advanced geeks in the early days, they are widely adopted today. Therefore, the manufacturers of these devices produce many models of smartwatches to satisfy the needs of users of any age category. For the right choice of smart watches, be sure to decide on the following points:

  • Smart watch functionality. Decide what your smartwatch is for. If for quick use of the calendar, viewing SMS from a smartphone, reading e-mail, then it is enough to buy a cheaper smart watch with a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone. To make calls and work with the Internet, you will need a more expensive model with a Wi-Fi module. It is also worth noting that the simplest and cheapest fitness tracker, which also belongs to smart watches, is quite enough for sports.
  • Watch case and design. Here you should pay attention to the shape and color of the case, the material of the watch itself and the strap. Choose what you like. There are sports and casual models, there are smartwatches with a minimalistic design in a branded style, there are classic ones that are indistinguishable from mechanical watches with an analog dial. The body of a smart watch is usually made of plastic or metal. Plastic is cheap and colorful, but not the most durable. The metal is used for more expensive classic models, or in smartwatches with increased protection. The same goes for the straps - choose what you like best. Straps can be steel, plastic, leatherette, silicone. The latter material is especially popular for sports and budget smartwatches.
  • What OS does the smart watch run on? Everything is simple here - Android Wear, Tizen or Watch OS. The first operating system was created by Google Corporation and is the most popular and functional. It supports the work of countless Android applications, makes it possible to synchronize smart watches with any Android smartphone. Tizen OS is the brainchild of Intel and is not widely used. Most often, this operating system can be seen on smart watches from Samsung. With Watch OS, everything is simple - the system was developed by Apple for its products.
  • What is their level of protection from external influences. The better the case is protected, the more expensive the smart watch is. Choose between a case that is dust-proof, drip-resistant (can be worn in the shower), or fully waterproof (can be worn in the pool).
  • How the dial is designed. Here again you can choose purely to your taste. There are minimalistic dials on which only the clock hands are visible, there are colorful desktops like on PC screens. You can buy a smart watch with a dial that is indistinguishable from an analog one in standby mode.
  • What type of display is used on a smart watch. The smallest screens are installed on fitness trackers. To fully work with a smart watch, a 1.5 '' display is required. But it is worth remembering that the larger the watch display, the higher the price for them, the more weight on the hand and the faster the device's battery is discharged.
  • How long the battery lasts. Models with a color display support 2-3 days of battery life. The simplest black and white trackers (monochrome) can `` live '' for several weeks without recharging.

You should also pay attention to the cost of a smart watch. Most often, such gadgets cheaper than 100 USD are children's models and the simplest devices with minimal functionality. But for 100-200 USD you can buy a quite good fitness tracker with sensors for monitoring your physical condition and a full-fledged OS. Smart watches that cost more than 200 USD are completely independent digital devices with a wide range of functionality, which is not much inferior to a smartphone.

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