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What are the phone cases

What are the phone cases

A smartphone is a fragile device that can be easily broken. And although its internal electronic filling is covered with a plastic or metal case, and the touchscreen is protected by special glass, scratches, scuffs, and chips appear on the phone's surface over time. To avoid the appearance of such traces, it is enough to buy a phone case. What types of such covers are there? What materials are they made of? And where can you buy a durable, durable and beautiful case for any smartphone?

What are the types of cases for smartphones

Such protectors differ greatly from each other in design, material, and even purpose. The most popular are the following phone cases:

  • Bumpers. The phone may fall flat and then the back cover of the case will take the blow. Or touch screen protective glass. But what will the blow take if the phone hits a hard surface when dropped? It is for such a case that the bumper case for the phone was created. Most often it is made of impact-resistant plastic, and it is used in combination with a protective glass and a back cover of the device.
  • Overlays. In fact, this is another back cover of the phone with sides. A cover for a phone is very popular today. For him, there is simply an endless variety of external design options. Therefore, with the overlay, it will not be a problem to personalize the smartphone to the maximum for yourself.
  • Flip phone case. Made in the form of a notepad with a clasp. Strong, soft, effectively cushioning impact from a fall, flips are not the most comfortable to use. But they still remain popular due to their solidity and reliability.
  • Phone case. It opens like a book, for which it got its name. Often supplied with a window for the screen. Made from various materials. But the most popular are leather book covers. May have pockets for business cards, cards.
  • Increased strength. Designed for maximum protection of the smartphone not only from falling, but also from the effects of water, dirt, dust, high temperatures. Usually such covers are used by tourists and lovers of extreme recreation. They are made of plastic, leather, metal, silicone and even wood.

What materials are used for smartphone covers

It is the material used that determines the price of this or that cover. Here are the main materials from which these accessories are made:

  • Silicone. It is a very tear-resistant, soft and flexible material. It effectively dampens impact on a hard surface, but at the same time can slip out of your hands. Also, silicone is a waterproof material from which special protective covers are made. Silicone covers are made of rubber.
  • Plastic (polyvinyl chloride). A phone case made of this material is easily scratched and cracked under slight pressure. But, at the same time, it keeps the blow well from falling. It is also worth noting that plastic does not conduct heat well, which can help the phone maintain its performance in the cold. The surface of the plastic can be engraved.
  • Leather. This material is used to produce pleasant, soft and beautiful cases. The leather absorbs shock well, does not allow the surface of the protective glass to be scratched.
  • TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). This material resembles both silicone and plastic at the same time. Soft and tough at the same time, so it doesn't crack or bend under pressure. Its surface can be decorated with drawings or engraving.

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