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What is a fitness bracelet and what is it for?

What is a fitness bracelet and what is it for?

Smart watches are as popular electronics as smartphones or tablets. Inexpensive, but extremely practical fitness bracelets deserve special attention. They are worn on the hand like a regular watch and work in conjunction with a smartphone. A fitness tracker is a kind of organizer for people who are fond of sports. The fitness bracelet tracks physical activity and other important parameters. But such a bracelet is useful not only for athletes, but also for everyone who tries to control their physical condition. Also, the fitness bracelet is used to adjust the sleep schedule, plan meal times, periods of physical activity, and so on.

Basic functions of a fitness bracelet

The basic design of a fitness bracelet is no different from a budget smartwatch. A small board and an OLED touchscreen display are hidden under the case. Displays are color and monochrome, ie. black and white. Budget fitness bracelets are equipped with monochrome displays, which, however, fully cope with their task. The bracelet consumes very little energy and requires charging once a week, or even twice. For the tracker to work correctly, you need to install the bracelet application on your smartphone and enter your physical parameters there, such as weight, height, etc. Smartphone and bracelet are connected via Bluetooth module. Here are the main features of the fitness tracker:

  • Pedometer. It will be useful not only for lovers of sports walking. The pedometer allows you to create an effective system of physical activity in urban environments. This is especially important for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle due to the specifics of their work. Yes, and you can simply find out how many steps are usually taken per day and compared with the minimum recommended loads for a person of a particular age.
  • Calorie control. As mentioned above, the fitness bracelet is controlled by an application that is installed on a smartphone. After the basic physical parameters of the user are entered into the application, the fitness tracker will be able to calculate the number of calories burned for a given period of time. This practical feature allows you to choose a diet, control your nutrition, which is important during active physical training to gain muscle mass or vice versa, when losing weight.
  • Sleep phase tracking. Worn at night, the fitness bracelet tracks REM and NREM sleep. Thanks to this, you can set the alarm for the most comfortable time to wake up. Also, tracking sleep phases helps in adjusting the sleep schedule if there are any problems with it.
  • Measurement of the duration of the swim. Waterproof fitness trackers are available that can be worn in the shower and even the pool without any problems. The bracelet will calculate the distance of the swim, indicate the number of calories burned during the swim.
  • Control over the duration of periods of minimal physical activity. You can also enable a function that counts the time of inactivity. This option will be especially useful for office workers who, due to the specifics of their work, spend a lot of time in a sitting position. And because of a sedentary lifestyle, serious and rather dangerous chronic diseases develop.
  • Get food information. With active training and diet, only safe, environmentally friendly products are used. But the labels do not always provide comprehensive information about the food. With the fitness bracelet app, you can read the barcode on the packaging with your smartphone to get all the data on the food of interest.
  • Displaying messages from a smartphone on the bracelet display. These can be notifications of incoming calls and SMS. You can also set up receiving messages from social networks, set the display of weather data, air temperature, etc. The number of messages depends on the complexity and functionality of a specific model of a fitness bracelet.

All fitness bracelets have a minimalist design and are made from lightweight and cheap materials. The case is usually made of plastic, while the strap is made of silicone, which does not irritate the skin.

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