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What is a monopod and how to choose it

What is a monopod and how to choose it

A monopod is a compact, portable, handheld tripod without supporting legs. The second name of this accessory is a selfie stick, since it is used specifically for photographing. The monopod became widespread when mobile cameras on smartphones were able to take pictures in high resolution, and selfie photos became a separate type of photography. Using the USB interface, a smartphone or other compatible gadget is connected to the monopod. The user takes a photo using a special button on the handle of the selfie stick.

Monopod design

  • The selfie stick uses metal, plastic and a small amount of electronics to control a connected mobile phone. The design itself consists of the following main elements:
  • Telescopic handle with control button. The handle itself is made of metal, which is covered with a non-slip, hand-friendly material. The handle folds telescopically, which allows you to hide the selfie stick even in a small handbag or backpack.
  • Holder with USB port. A gadget with a camera is inserted into the latch and connected to the control button via a USB connector. There are many types of clamps, so it is not difficult to choose the right one for a particular diagonal of the device.

What devices does the monopod work with?

Depending on the model, this folding manual tripod is compatible with a small device equipped with a photo module and a USB port:

  • Smartphones. Modern mobile phones are equipped with powerful photomodules. They take photographs that are as good as professional craftsmanship. With a monopod, you can make a photo shoot on your own, without the involvement of outside experts. Monopods work with both iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Digital cameras. Here, the main indicators are the presence of a USB port on the camera, and a weight not exceeding 0.5 kg. Modern cameras are quite compact, so choosing a selfie stick for such a device is also not difficult.
  • Gopro cameras. This is a special video camera with a high level of protection. It is used not only by tourists, but also by lovers of extreme recreation. Designed for use in almost any weather conditions, is not afraid of moisture and provides the highest quality of the resulting images.

How to choose the right monopod for your smartphone

Each type of device has its own monopod. Therefore, before buying a selfie stick, be sure to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Dimensions and weight. When assembled, the telescopic monopod does not take up much space. When unfolded, most of the selfie sticks are 90-100 cm long. This is quite enough for a comfortable, independent photo creation. The weight of a monopod directly depends on the materials from which it is made. More metal more weight. More plastic - the monopod is lighter, but also more fragile.
  • Specialization. Check that the selfie stick you choose is exactly compatible with your gadget!
  • Strength. If a monopod is purchased for outdoor use or for creating extreme photos, then it is better to choose a reinforced version with good protection against moisture and temperature extremes.

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