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Why is it dangerous to use a non-original Apple cable

Why is it dangerous to use a non-original Apple cable

Apple firmly holds the title of one of the most popular digital technology brands in the world. ''Apple'' gadgets, though expensive, are of high quality and durability. But, if the high prices for the main products of this brand can still be somehow explained, then the exorbitant cost of additional accessories is no longer possible. Therefore, in case of loss or breakage of the same cable for Apple, many users around the world try to buy a cheaper replica. In appearance, this is the same cable that does its job perfectly. But, at the same time, a copy of the original Apple cable can cause serious damage to the same iPhone or iPad. What is the danger of using non-original cables for iPhone and other gadgets from Apple? And where in Ukraine can I buy a cable for Apple made at the factories of this particular company?

What happens if you use a non-original cable for Apple

Due to the rather high price of real Apple accessories, a huge number of more or less normal replicas and very cheap one-time copies have appeared on the market. And although these analogues work for some time, they are still not suitable for permanent use with Apple equipment. The fact is that these non-certified counterparts are poorly compatible with Apple technology. Non-original cables do not meet the specifications of iPhone, iPad, etc. Using the iPhone as an example, let's look at what problems appear if you use a fake Apple charging cable:

  • Incorrect operation of the touch screen. A copy of the cable for iPhone does not provide the current or voltage that is needed to properly charge the device. Therefore, static voltage appears on the touch screen matrix, which provokes unauthorized operation of the sensor without touching it. Although this problem is not dangerous, but working with the phone when it is charging becomes less comfortable.
  • Damage to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor. This sensor significantly increases the level of protection against hacking and theft of personal data of the device. Its design is very complex, so Touch ID is extremely sensitive to voltage drops. To those differences that arise if you use low-quality copies of the Apple charging cable. Eventually the sensor just stops working. And you can’t replace it separately from the iPhone motherboard. Each fingerprint sensor is tied to a well-defined processor. This makes it impossible to hack the smartphone through the replacement of Touch ID. Therefore, using a non-original charger can lead to very expensive iPhone repairs with the replacement of the base board, cable, and Touch ID sensor. At a cost it will come out almost like a new iPhone.

To avoid these problems, Apple developers simply eliminated the very possibility of using bad replicas of their cables. When connected, the user is prompted with the message ''This cable is not certified by iPad/iPhone''. By the way, there are also good replicas that are approved by the Apple brand. These cables are labeled MFI (Made for iPhone, iPad, or iPod). They are made under license from Apple by a third party manufacturer and are fully compatible with Apple technology.

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